Music and makeup post🎶

So I’m still keeping busy , I know I haven’t been posting as much but I think I’m almost done with Urban Decay Elements . I wanted to do a few different looks and plus I’ve been bisy preparing pie pumpkins for the holidays . I love pumpkin and pumpkin pie so I always try to stock up and my dogs like them as snacks too .  So as I’m getting ready I like to make sure I have a decent playlist . I like quite a bit of different music , mainly electronica , metal , and R&B . But also hip-hop , trap , dubstep , just not country or anything acoustic lol  So heres my playlist , also fair warning some of these have explicit themes.

Wearing pne of my favorite Children of Bodom shirts .

Hecate’s Nightmare by Children Of Bodom

So I love the keyboards and guitar work in this and its one of the newer somgs by Finnish metal group Children of Bodom . I listen to this with partial sadness as 3 key members are leaving the band due to issues with the front man and lead guitarist , Alexi Laiho . Too sad why can’t everyone just get along . At Least I got to see them live in their original lineup .

And now something a bit more mellow .

Jason by the Midnight feat Nikki Flores


I’m a huge fan of new retro Synthwave and this song has been on my replay list . I love how catchy this song , it really does sound like something that should be played in GTA Vice City . Plus the saxophone solo💕


Odd Look- Kavinsky  feat The Weeknd

Last year I really started listening to The Weeknd, his vocals are very addictive plus I’ve been a huge fan of Kavinsky.  But The Weeknd has been pretty much on my playlist all week . Between this and the Synthwave remix of Starboy .


Puzzle Heart -Mr. Kitty feat Hatsune Miku

I saw Mr. Kitty in September and he was amazing live ! The energy he has , and his beats are incredible. If you ever want to see a truly exciting synth/electronica show I highly recommend Mr. Kitty . This song comes off his new album  Ephemeral which is quite a big album dedicated to his friend who commited suicide . This album has 30 tracks and many of the songs deal with his emotions over losing his friend . This song wasnMt played live , namely because it has a famous vocaloid prome by the name of Hatsune Miku . This is of course her english voice bank . This song’s melody is pretty catchy and the computerized voice of Hatsune Miku fits works extremly well with the beats and Mr. Kitty’s voice .

So that does it for my music post . I have many more songs but that would make this post too long . But this is generally the music I listen to while cooking or doing makeup .

I tried to match my eyes to my Children of Bodom shirt.

What are some your favorite artists or music styles you like to listen to while getting ready or doing stuff around the house ? Let me know in the comments section ☺️





10 thoughts on “Music and makeup post🎶

    1. I love Christmas music too 🎄! The Mariah Carey Christmas usually gets played quite a bit . Oh and Thanks . It’ll be part of my UD Elements review . I’ve been taking my time with looks using soley that palette .

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  1. I can’t believe I’m only seeing this awesome post now! Love the hair and the lippie and the eye make-up! ♥♥♥

    I love lots of different music genres. I love Kristeen Young (fan since 2006, I’ve seen her live 3 times, my current favourite songs of her are You Always Win and Pearl Of A Girl but this changes all the time). I think you’d like Kristeen’s music!

    I also love Whitney Houston and George Michael. I miss them!

    But I mainly I love indie music. I like some folksy music.

    I don’t care for what’s on the radio. I don’t care for pop, rap or country.

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    1. Oh thanks ☺️ I’ll have to check out Kristeen Young’s music . Thanks for the recommendation. I love seeing artists live when I can , I try at least once a year to see some live . My favorite places to go are the really small venues .

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