Flashback Review : Too Faced Life’s A Festival pallette

So heres one of my personal favorites , the Too Faced Life’s A Festival pallette . A friend of mine showed this to me online last year and I knew I had to have it . A few of the colors reminded me of the Too Faced Duos that I used to have , Beamin for sure was a close dupe to one of the colors in Rich Bitch which sadly is no longer with me . I use this palette quite a bit usually in conjunction with my UD Electric or UD Element’s palette. For this review I will try to only use colors in the palette. I will do seperate mix and match looks as individual posts though.

So bright

So before I go into the colors and swatches lets talk about the packaging , its adorable! I know a few people online complained about the palette looking childish ,but to me its so cute. I may of course be biased as I love unicorns and have collected figuares and little stuffed animals over the years. So this eyeshadow set was pretty much made for me .My only complaint with this packaging is that I wish it had been metal like the chocolate bar and peach palettes. That why I could save it whenever I hit pan .Who am I kidding I’ll probably still save the palatte.

IMG_1471 (2).JPG
Such shimmer!
The camera doesn’t do these colors justice honestly.

Most of this palette consists of shimmers,a few duochromes, and three matte shades. Unicorn Tears is this nice irridescent shade that shifts, I believe is meant to be a highlighter but I mainly use it as a shade transformer. Also a few of the colors are better picked up with sort of rounded brush, or a flat brush. fluffy brushes trend to kick up a lot of product on the eyes with the exception of the three mattes which you can pretty much use with a regular brush. Also I find all the shimmers and duochromes work best with glitter glue rather than just a primer.I didn’t use primer on my arm which why a few of the shades like Euphoric,Mystic Rain, and Fun in The Sun look a bit faded. With glitter glue and a darker crease color these three really pop. I plan on doing a post just for the colors Euphoric(the shimmery peach) and Rainbow Life( the glitter coral color).Beamin’ I use quite a bit with Fringe(a matte Teal from Electric) and Earthbound(a dark forest green)

IMG_1501 (2).JPG
these are swatched on without primer and it was tricky to get the lighting right. Euphoric is hard to see but looks amazing on top of glitter glue.

From Top to Bottom:

Unicorn Tears: Irridescent white base with blue to pinkish shift,Best used as topper but is also a highlighter.

Young And Free: A brightcool almost bubblegum pink and one of the three mattes.I really like this color.

Rainbow Life: A pinkish coral with sparkle. This color can be finicky but glitter glue helps out a bit. I like pairing it with the oranges, or some of darker colors from UD Elements.

Sunset Dream: A nice shimmery sunny orange. I’m not usually an orange person but I like this shade, it looks nice when paired with Funtasy for a sunset look.

Euphoric: A metallic peach color with some little orange shimmers. This is one of my favorites as well. Looks great paired with Funtasy, or the best pairing is Lioness from UD Elements. I’ll post that seprately.

Desert Vibes: A light tan sand color, mainly used for transition and brow.

Fun in the Sun: A bright yellow gold color, with some orange and green shift. its a pretty nice gold but I don’t always use it too often.

Beamin’: my favorite white gold shimmer. its a close dupe for a color that was in the old Too Faced Rich Bitch duo.

Fireflies: a bright shimmery chartreuse, its not too green though more on the gold side.

Mystic Rain: a duochrome of pink or lilac that shifts to a blue or teal look. I pair this alot with darker purples.

Funtasy : a berry purple matte that has a bit of pink tones in it. its pretty versatile and I use it alot with the oranges and even teal in the palette.

Artist Pass: such a cool color. Its a duochrome that looks like reddish copper or brown but shifts to this nice teal or green . I actually like wearing it with Young and Free . UD Elements has a similar shade called Fortune Teller, but I didn’t really Fortune Teller’s payoff as much as Artist Pass.Its pretty easy ton apply too.

Dusk Teal Dawn: A more blue toned teal metallic shade.I really like this color, I tend to pair it with a few of the chocolate shades from chocolate bon bons, so its like a statement color. but I’ve done a few looks with Beamin’ and Fun in the Sun as well.

And now some looks, I only did three looks for the review. I took pics of my eyes as well as my whole face to show how the shadows look from afar.

IMG_1583 (3).JPG
Young and Free blended on my crease and browbone,  and Artist Pass on the middle of my lid pressed into Too Faced glitter Glue.
IMG_1622 (2).JPG
I decided on Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Concrete Jungle with Unicorn Tears lipstick mixed into make it a bit more shimmery.
IMG_1741 (2).JPG
Young and Free plus Funtasy blended on my crease,Unicorn Tears on my browbone and inner corner of my eye, Mystic Rain pressed into my lid on top of glitter glue. It more natural light you can see a bit of blue on Mystic Rain.
Unicorn Tears on top of my kaja mood balm in Twilight
IMG_1768 (2)
This one was inspired by the Too Faced booklet that came in the palette. but I swapped out Funtasy for the Rainbow Life(the pinkish coral color) I really like how festive this looked. I used Dusk Teal dawn on my inner corner ,Fireflies in the middle and Rainbow Life on the crease and end. Plus Unicorn Tears to make my brow bone shine.
IMG_1761 (2)
I thought the eyes should shine the most so I only dabbed a bit if Kaja Mood Balm on.I love Rainbow Life.


Well if you want tons of shimmers and duochromes, don’t mind using a glitter glue , and have a few other matte shades, this is a very nice palette and I was happy to get this last year before it sold out. I think I’ve seen it sporadically on sale at like Beautylish and sometimes on Too Faced’s site.Hopefully Too Faced will release a few of these shades in singles or make another similar bright style palette. Now on to Urban Decay Elements.





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