Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks


Over the weekend there was a sale on select Wet n Wild satin lipsticks, so my Fiancé  ordered a few colors for me to try . Now its been years since I’ve used Wet n Wild lipsticks, my last one was a bubblegum pink color and one of the Halloween Fantasy Makers Blue Magic lipsticks. Plus my overall view of Wet n Wild was that they were always hit or miss . So with that being said lets try some lipsticks.

IMG_1196 (2).JPG
Blind Date is a berry color ,Retro Pink is a slightly shimmery darker pink , and Just Garnet is shiny pink toned Red , but I think it wore more like brighter red on my skin.
IMG_1200 (2)
Blind Date on top , Retro Pink in middle , and Just Garnet on bottom

The formula itself is very slippery , but not too streaky .You do have to kind of build up though, especially with Retro Pink . These do kind of have a scent to them , Just Garnet smelled like berries but kind of stale . I wasn’t too big a fan honestly.The other ones smelled more or less like berries but without the wierd stale smell . As for the wear, Retro Pink and Just Garnet had to be reapplied during my normal day to day routine , while I only tried Blind Date for the pictures , it seemed to apply the best . The finish is a bit shimmery and I could definitely see a bit of sparkles in Blind Date and Retro Pink . So the Wet n Wild site states these are moisturizing lipsticks but I noticed when they wore on they kind of dryed out my lips , not sure what that was about , and Blind Date definitely stained my lips a bit . So I used a sugar and oil scrub to clean it off .

IMG_1269 (2)
Retro Pink
IMG_1283 (2)
Just Garnet
IMG_1285 (3)


Overall these lipsticks are alright for the 97 cent price but I’m still not too big a fan of the formula , mainly the strange smell haha . But they are pretty pigmented , even if the wear time isn’t super long and you have to reapply throught the day . Also theres the whole controversy with Wet n Wild’s animal testing and lying about it so I don’t see myself buying any more Wet n Wild products . But on a side note I found one of my old school Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers in Blue Magic . I may have to do a swatch for the nostalgia and post a flashback pic since I don’t want to put it on my lips , its too old 😂😭.


8 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks

  1. Thanks for this! Wet and Wild is getting a lot of hype right now, but I like reading honest reviews like this to get all of the opinions. They are really pretty in you though!

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  2. Just Garnet and Blinddate look great!
    I read about WnW not being truthful about animal testing as well. Such a shame!
    Congrats on finding Blue Magic Fantasy Maker. I’d love to see some kind of photo (and I understand why you don’t want to put it on your lips).

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    1. Yeah I was a bit disappointed in them for two reasons, the animal testing (obviously) and then lying to the consumer . Oh and about the Blue Magic , I found an old photo that I will post as well as swatch ☺️Might as well get a nice look back before I toss it .

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  3. I used to have a bunch of these, from these three I only had Just Garnet, which looks super gorgeous on you by the way!
    I had to toss mine because they were like really old but still, they were ok for the price. Lol

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